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The French gun vessel Soleil Royal was part of the King Louis XIV Navy. We are happy to bring you this beautiful 1/72 scale wooden and miniature warship replica that you can build with your own hands, but first dive into a brief historical background. Soleil Royal was a French line ship with 104 guns, flagship of Admiral Tourville. In this sense, the Soleil Royal was built in Brest between 1668 and 1670 by the engineer Laurent Hubac, and launched in 1669, but unfortunately it remained unused in the port of Brest for years. Later, the Soleil Royal was put back into service with 112 guns and 1,200 men on board when the Nine Years War broke out in 1688. Its role was fundamental as the flagship of the Escadre du Ponant (West Squad). It was said to be a fine sailing ship and its decorations were among the most beautiful and elaborate of all Baroque vessels. The emblem of the ‘Sun’ (Soleil) had been chosen by Louis XIV as his personal symbol.

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Dimensions 12.5 × 34 × 31.5 in